Wanderers, Who They Are and Where They Came From

Wanderers are former wastelanders disaffected with the rule of the Wasteland Kong. Arriving by the thousands they’ve taken an oath and pledged fealty to the Banana Kong, Ruler of the Banana Kingdom. For that pledge the Banana Kong granted them asylum. Through this asylum came the freedom to roam the Kingdom, a freedom not granted to wastelanders. They converts are know as Wanderers.
Unsure of where they belong in Kingdom society, wanderers often stick to themselves, building up their strength and arsenal so that they can one day compete in the Tournament of the Unknown.
Most apes pay them no mind as they go about their day to day, most even take pity on them but the upper houses of Apex City – once wastelanders themselves – didn’t like what they deemed to be the filth of the Kingdom. Forgetting their own roots generations ago when the Great Kong built the Banana Kingdom as a refuge for wastelanders, the upper house of Apex hatched a plot. The goal? Rid the Kingdom of the wasteland scum.
A secret meeting took place, among the attendees were a select droup of Apexian Oracles and Chieftains. Their plan? Overthrow the Banana Kong and claim the throne.
Not long after, a splinter group of specialized Oracles crafted an immobilizing powder from made with shard essence and the Banana Kong’s own Oracle mixed it into the Kong’s evening dinner. Banana Kong hasn’t exited his Temple since.
With the Banana Kong out of the way, rumors of his ailing health led the emboldened upper houses of Apex City to contest the throne. A series of inter-family wars waged privately in dark allies and through poisonings took place in the affluent neighborhoods of Apex City.
It wasn’t long before these wars spilled out into the daylight. Blood on the streets of the city, for all to see.
To end this warring and solve the issue of the throne, tribal leaders from across the Kingdom came together in the Great Hall and passed a new decree.
The ruler of the Banana Kingdom would be the Apex class Chieftain who was victorious in the Tournament of the Apex’s.
The tribal leaders, most of them belonging to the Apex class and hungry for power themselves, quickly passed this decree into law.
The winner of the Tournament of the Apex’s would rule the Kingdom. Every Apex tribe would have a fair shot at the throne every month.
The lower status tribes, unconcerned with who rules what, didn’t hesitate to embrace the new law. In fact they saw it as an opportunity to advance and maybe one day rule themselves. But there were grumblings a lot further down the chain, at the outskirts of society. Not all apes were happy.

The Great Convergence

Unknown Chieftains still loyal to the Banana Kong began holding late night meetings with the Kingdoms Wanderers. They became Chieftains under the rule of the Banana Kong and didn’t forget where their loyalties lied. Unlike the rest of the Kingdom’s Chieftains, Unknown Chieftains belonged to no class, and by law they were restricted to tribes of 10, barred from tournaments and these tribes were constantly at war with each other.
And this life on the outskirts, was by design…
To keep them unorganized and weak the upper houses would start conflicts between these lower tribes and arm the side that pledged fealty to them over the Banana Kong. They’d been doing it for a generation in an attempt to keep wastelanders from achieving… well from achieving anything at all that resembles a normal life.
Confined to the slums on the edges of each region, those loyal to the Banana Kong had had enough. An entire generation had been raised as outcasts by some of the hardest people in the Kingdom. And they were ready for a fight. The goal, take down the upper houses and free the Banana Kong.
The days to come are known throughout the Kingdom as the Days of the Black Sun.
50,000 Wanderers led by over 1000 Unknown tribes marched on Apex City. Using primitive catapults they quickly reduced the upper house district around Banana Kong’s Temple to rubble. The smoke and dust turned day to night. A large defensive perimeter, miles long was constructed by the hoards Builders. They soon settled in.
We will not leave until Banana Kong is free, were their demands.
And they could not leave, even if they wanted to. Because far out from their center, all along their perimeter, stood the vast armies of Apex City.
The Oracles would not relinquish the Banana Kong, locking themselves within his temple, continuing to feed him their powder.
With no way into the temple and running out of food, the Chieftains of the Unknown drafted a letter to each of the regions Council of Chieftains.
Weeks went by…
It was nearly dawn when a scout in a frenzy burst into his Chieftains tent, the apes were nearly starving. The Chieftain awoke to a shaking ground and chaotic yelling in every direction.
This was it he thought.
And before he could ponder what would be a gruesome death in the coming moments…
“Sir the armies of the Jungle, Peaks, and Steppe have arrived!” The scout blurted out.
“Fetch my Oracle, tell her to call a meeting of the council immediately” the chieftain responded.
Within days the armies of Apex City pulled away from the perimeter. Soon after, Chieftains from all 4 regions descended on the Great Hall to cast a vote. The vote had passed.
Free the Banana Kong, and with the gravity of that vote backed up by 3 massive armies, the upper houses of Apex City fell in line.
The Banana Kong was immediately released. The Oracles responsible were tortured for weeks and then exiled. Those Oracles – who belonged to no tribe – gave up no information on who their masters were. And it remains a mystery, even now…

A new dawn for those who lived in darkness

Before the armies of dispersed a second vote was cast, and it passed.
Unknown tribes were to be granted the right to compete in a tournament designed to balance power in the Kingdom by wits and strength, not through power, stealth and murder.
A tournament was designed for Wanderers and Unknowns alike, the Tournament of the Unknown.
The details stated that the top 3 tribes who emerged victorious from each of the 4 regions could compete in the Tournament of the Apex’s for a shot at the throne. Unknown Chieftains were to select 40 Wanderers from their region making them ready for the possibility of an even 50 vs 50 fight in the Kingdoms top tournament held every month.
The Settled and Elite Status classes rejoiced, former wanderers and Unknowns themselves they thought it a novel idea.
One that would keep the lower class from attacking them even, and they soon began to flourish.
The Kong and Apex classes were not impressed. Even though they were split between loyalty to Banana Kong and loyalty to the upper houses they were unified in disgust, and fear.
Those who’s allegiance lied with the upper houses of Apex City simply didn’t like wanderers or the Unknowns, they were all outsiders and criminals in their eyes.
The Kong and Apex tribes who’s allegiance lied with the Banana Kong didn’t like it either, knowing that it would embolden the Unknowns, and strengthen the Settled and Elite classes beneath them. Those loyal to the Kong felt fear that their status was in jeopardy and began buying up massive amounts of Shard Essence, used to enhance weapons. The total supply dwindled and shard essence was difficult to get. If the lower classes can’t have powerful weapons, their status would remain intact, they thought.
Not long after the armies dispersed, a third law passed. The use of Shard Essence was restricted. Only an Oracle could use it or grant the right to their tribe to use it. Builders, doing what they do best saw the opportunity in the shard trade and built a marketplace for the enhancement of weapons and gear that soon spread throughout the entire Kingdom. The restrictions seemed to make sense at first, but it led to a power imbalance. Warriors wanted to be Builders. Commanders wanted to become Oracles. Oracles, with their newfound power wanted to become Chieftains.
Wanderers …could become rulers.
A new Kingdom was born out of the darkness of the black sun, and it was an unrecognizable frenzy of upward mobility.
What could one become in the Kingdom…
The answer lies with you –

Wanderer Supply and Utility


Wanderers will have a total supply of 2.4 million across the game, or 600,000 per region. Holding a Wanderer NFT allows you access to the Banana Kingdom game where you’ll start in the region marked on your NFT. If you have all 4 you can choose your region.

Once you’re in, the full game is unlocked including Story Mode where you can collect Wastelander NFTs.


Wastelander Supply and Utility


Since wastelanders were banished there aren’t many left in the Kingdom. The ones that are here are pretty stealthy and can be found in small groups around the Kingdom when in story mode. You can recruit them and later use them in battle mode to spy on your opponents, revealing all of their stats. 

Total Supply is unlimited.