Neverii Oracle (KongQuest Edition 3) Mintpass


The powers of the Neverii Oracle gives their tribe the ability to transport to different lands and back to the Neverian Peaks using the Mountain Våpor only they have the ability to control.  It is believed that they are able to transport their spirits into living and non-living creatures to aid in battle and reconnaissance. KongQuest Edition 3, Rarity: 1 of 200

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Congrats on accessing this limited pre-mint pass, Ape. This pass will allow you to mint the KongQuest Edition 3 Neverii Oracle Rank NFT above. Neverii Rank NFTs will unlock a myriad of earnings and gaming possibilities in the Neverian Peaks region of the Banana Kingdom. To compare the base benefits of the Oracle NFT to all other NFTs, head here.

*These passes allow you to mint a limited KongQuest Edition NFT at an 83.4% discount to the base price paid by non-KongQuesters on the day of public minting. Passes are available on a first come first serve basis through the KongQuest until supplies are exhausted. Discounted KongQuest Edition Passes are exclusive to those who rank up in the KongQuest, and are locked to a questers account for the duration of the KongQuest. Passes are non-transferable. Passes tied to your accounts My NFTs section and will be redeemable for minting (through the main Banana Kingdom site) when the KongQuest ends. KongQuest ends when the final Regional Status NFT prize is claimed.