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Guildmasters – made up of Guildmaster NFT holders – are our 100 person strong DAO who control the AFG Guild Treasury and the Ape Fun Arcade vault. To learn more, read below.

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The Deets:


Guildmasters control the AFG Treasury, and are charged with two very important Guild tasks, one a month. Voting on proposals to add or remove blockchain game NFT & Token assets from the Treasury. And voting on whether to reinvest or distribute a portion of Treasury profits. Voting will take place on the 25th, 26th 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th days of every month. With the exception of February. Allowing a 6 day period for Guildmasters to make proposals, and cast votes, at their own leisure.

The Benefits of Being a Guildmaster:

The Guild will make money every month through the treasury in phase one and through both the vault and the treasury in phase two. Guild profit is made by acquiring game assets and either selling them at a profit later, collecting token or NFT dividends produced by the assets, or renting the assets. Below is overview of how these profits are distributed.

Profit Distribution During Phase One: The First 20 Months.

30% of Treasury profits derived from asset sales and dividends produced by assets are distributed to Guildmasters on a monthly basis for the first 20 months.
Another 30% is reinvested into new assets that have passed our process of selection timeless test. The remaining 40% is reinvested (through a buyback pair) back into AFT liquidity, liquidity which the Treasury passively earns from through swap fees. Phase 1 officially begins when the first Guildmaster NFT is sold. Voting officially begins when all 100 Guildmaster NFTs are minted into circulation.


In Phase Two: The Next 20 Months and Beyond.

After 20 months have passed, phase two becomes active and the Vault will begin to produce rental income for the guild through the Ape Fun Arcade. Powered by the Ape Fun Token that we’ve been stabilizing through liquidity adds. At this point our monthly allocation of AFT has been exhausted and we will lock the liquidity pairs we do have. At this time the Banana Kingdom will be getting close to open access. Once Open Access is achieved, 2% of Banana Kingdom profits will be sent to the treasury every month. We’ll also be adding liquidity to the games 6 base tokens. In short, phase two brings 3 additional passive income sources to the treasury; arcade rental income, banana kingdom income and swap/trading fee income (see below).


In phase two 20% of Treasury and Vault profits derived from asset sales, rentals, dividends and passive income sources are distributed to Guildmasters on a monthly basis. The remaining 80% is used to purchase additional assets (50%), fund development and maintenance of the Arcade (18%) and add liquidity to the games 6 base tokens (12%, across all 5 tokens) Banana, Wood, Ore, Bone, Hyde and Shard. Which will net us additional passive income, from trading and swap fees. As was the case with our AFT liquidity adds.


To see your NFT just log into any marketplace like Opensea. To see your NFT in a wallet like Metamask, add this contract address: 0xeD11420745452C800306A23Ea778ce7F0e4770d6 to your (ETH) wallet and set the token decimal to 0, if prompted. **If you don’t see the nft in your opensea profile please do the following: in your OpenSea profile navigate to More → Hidden, click the three-dot menu on the bottom left corner of the NFT you’d like to unhide, and select Unhide. You’ll be able to select multiple items to Unhide.