Elite Status in the Neverian Peaks


134 of these are still unclaimed. To claim this Status NFT for you and your tribe, choose a path:

  • Path 1: Win a minimum of 1500 Neverian Peaks Shards in your KongQuest (by reaching the rank of Neverii Apex Kong) and return here to claim Elite Status in the Peaks!


  • Path 2: Win a minimum of 1500 shards(of any kind) in the KongQuest
  • Unlock the Shard Swap by reaching the rank of Kongite Battle Kong on Kong Steppe in the KongQuest
  • Swap shards from other lands for Neverii Shards – you’ll need 1500 for this NFT
  • Return here and claim Elite Status in the Neverian Peaks!

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The Deets:

Only 150 ‘Elite Status’ Tribe NFTs will ever exist in the Neverian Peaks. Holding one will give you 30 tribal member slots for your Neverii tribe in the upcoming game + 5% of all tribal crafting sales. *Hold a Neverii Chieftain Rank NFT to utilize your Elite Status in the upcoming game.