Elite Status in Apex City


134 of these are still unclaimed. To claim this Status NFT for you and your tribe, choose a path:

  • Path 1: Win a minimum of 1500 Apex City Shards in your KongQuest (by reaching the rank of Apexian Apex Kong) and return here to claim Elite Status in Apex City!


  • Path 2: Win a minimum of 1500 shards (of any kind) in the KongQuest
  • Unlock the Shard Swap by reaching the rank of Kongite Battle Kong on Kong Steppe in the KongQuest
  • Swap shards from other lands for Apex City Shards – you’ll need 1500 for this NFT
  • Return here and claim Elite Status in Apex City!

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The Deets:

Only 150 ‘Elite Status’ Tribe NFTs will ever exist in Apex City. Holding one will give you 30 tribal member slots for your Apexian tribe in the upcoming game. Holding an Apexian Chieftain Rank NFT to utilize your Elite Status in the upcoming game. Learn more about regional status classes here.