Battle Kong Mint Pass a.k.a. The Kongpass


The Battle Kong mint pass – aka the Kongpass – allows you to claim 1 Battle Kong (design and land location) of your choice from a private pool of the first 600 Battle Kongs minted in October. Only 50 passes are available here in the KongQuest app from Monday Sept. 5th, through Sunday Sept 11th. With each mint you have a 1 in 20 chance of landing a 2x or a 4x pass.

*Before purchasing, please head here and add your ETH wallet address. All passes bought will be airdropped to your wallet within 24 hours.

Skip the Kongpass line and borrow game NFTs from our vault with this pass.

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The Deets:

To learn more about Battle Kongs, their utility and the 2x & 4x passes head to the main Banana Kingdom website.

To see your NFT just log into any marketplace like Opensea. To see your NFT in a wallet like Metamask, add this contract address: 0xeD11420745452C800306A23Ea778ce7F0e4770d6 to your (ETH) wallet and set the token decimal to 0, if prompted. **If you don’t see the nft in your opensea profile please do the following: in your OpenSea profile navigate to More → Hidden, click the three-dot menu on the bottom left corner of the NFT you’d like to unhide, and select Unhide. You’ll be able to select multiple items to Unhide.