Litepaper & Roadmap Launched

Ape Fun Token – Entertainment currency, for Apes (Q3 ’21)

Ape Fun Token is our answer to what if. What if gamers could earn for the first time ever, or musicians could reclaim money lost to streaming giants like Spotify. What if music streamers could own each song they streamed and what if buying all songs in an album came with VIP tickets to a concert. What if film teams could be assembled from a social-app built for them to collaborate where the community voted on projects that we could help fund, and host on a single app that streams from the blockchain.  What if..

How it all began and why we chose the Ape name.

Contrary to popular belief the rise of the “Ape” in the blockchain community didn’t come from Bored Apes Yacht Club, or any particular meme-coin in 2021 – it derived from another world entirely. The stock trading world. 

The Backstory

When the world shut down in March 2020 due to the pandemic many flocked to apps like Robinhood and WeBull to test their luck in the securities markets. For the first time, an entire generation amassed a small fortune off the rebound in prices as older, more conservative investors fled the markets. Our generation, having been victims of the last recession were wise enough to spot a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to flip the game in our favor and so, we did. Stock-trading became part of popular culture throughout 2020. This wild frenzy formed a spearhead in January of 2021; popular companies like GameStop (gaming industry) and AMC Theaters (film industry) surged as an entire generation rallied globally to save these recreational staples – failing due to the pandemic – from a perceived evil. A war-cry was born in that moment:  Apes. Stronger. Together. 

Of course, all that fun came to a screeching halt when the trading apps that so many had used for a year, had halted trading – essentially stopping an entire generation from amassing an even larger fortune off the backs of the evil hedge funds that were shorting these companies into oblivion. The cruddy evildoers win again. 

Many of these Apes (ourselves included) pivoted immediately to crypto and Apes far and wide scattered throughout the blockchain – showing up in different ways from BAYC to AFT – still bearing the mark of our fight against evil in the markets.

The heart of this project begins there. The ferocity of the Apes of the Banana Kingdom is a mark of that fight, owning one of our NFTs means you’re part of that fight.

Blazing trails toward new ways to earn that are creative and Fun.

Ape Fun Token is our answer to what if. Because there is a better way to earn, than we’re used to. The majority of Apes with their money still stuck on Wall Street or their efforts tied to a dead-end job could make the leap over to blockchain and we’re going to make it easy, fun and inclusive. No more what if’s. We’re building it – and we’d love to have you aboard.

Apes. Stronger. Together.