Land Ownership


There are 3 ways to own and control land in the game, 1. Own a plot 2. Conquer and protect a plot with a totem and 3. Conquer and defend a plot from other players who want your turf.
The game will have a max land supply of 24,000 plots. 12,000 plots are ownable, predetermined non-moveable locations with feature packed land-owner dashboards governed by you, the Battle Kong of that land.
The other 12,000 plots in the game are open land plots. They can’t traded or sold as a traditional NFT, instead, the land plots remain open and players to conquer.
Players who conquer one of these 12,000 open plots of land and own an Apex Kong Totem can enjoy all the land-owner benefits of a Battle Kong holder including not having to defend it from anyone. Totems can also be moved from any one conquered plot, to another conquered plot, anywhere on the map, at any time. So if you need to build up a defending tribe on a plot you conquered, you can. Before you move on to the next one.
Players who don’t own a Battle Kong or a totem can conquer open land just like anyone else, but they’ll need a strong enough tribe to defend it from the takeover attempts of other hungry tribes.
Each plot at the start of the game – when we launch – has the capacity for 50 players. Your plots capacity for players will double with each doubling of the games player base. This is the main reason for the low amount of total plots. It’s also a major value add for land owners, totem holders and conquering tribes.
Read on to learn more about the NFTs themselves, your rights as a holder, and the features of your land dashboard…


Become the permanent landlord of a plot of Banana Kingdom land in one of our 4 regions by owning a Battle Kong. Kong’s are 12,000 randomly generated PFP avatars with over 750 unique rarity traits hand designed by Canadian artist Stevo over a 7 month period from 2021-2022. Battle Kong holders receive 20% of all tokens spend on their land as well as all the features of their land dashboard below. The Kong’s will be releasing on Ethereum V2 later in 2022, specific date TBA.


This dashboard allows you to do an array of things that increase winnings and player retention. Enjoy!

Land Dashboard: Recruiting

New players are randomly assigned to a plot of land based on an algorithm that distributes new players evenly across each region. Land owners have the ability to recruit new players from outside the game and when that player begins the game, they begin on the land owners plot. This feature is useful if the land owner has friends, family or an attractively developed plot of land.


Land Dashboard: Removal of Tribes and Wanderers

Land owners can kick any wanderer or tribe from their land. These kicked players are moved to the closest open plot of land. This feature is useful if your plot’s maxed out with non active players, or if you want to allow a specific tribe or player access to your plot but there isn’t any space.

Land Dashboard: Communication

Land owners have the ability to communicate with all Wanderers and Tribal Chiefs on their land. This is key when it comes to asset lending and tournament strategy.


Land Dashboard: Asset Lending

Land owners will have the ability to lend any weapon or gear item they’ve crafted – or bought in the Marketplace – to any player on their land. This feature not only enhances a player, or tribes ability to win in PvP or TvT (tribe vs tribe) battles, it helps an active land owner increase their earnings.

Land Dashboard: Tournament Prize Pools

Once a monthly tournament begins, all tribes are locked to the plot of land they occupy. If a tribe on your land wins the tournament, you receive 10% of the prize pool. This is all trackable through your land dashboard.

Land Dashboard: Development Collaboration with Builders on Your Land

Builder NFT holders have a unique purpose within the game, they’re peaceful by nature, and all about protecting players, and preventing losses in battle. We won’t give away all the details but we’ll say this, as a land owner you’ll be able to collaborate with Builders to craft defensive buffs that you can apply to all players on your land. Builders and land owners will be able to earn more from this collab.



Intellectual Property Rights

In addition to the utility above, Battle Kong holders enjoy personal and commercial intellectual property rights to their individual Kong’s art. IP Rights in Detail: See the Battle Kong IP Rights section of our whitepaper.

Private Discord Channel

There is a private Discord channel for all Battle Kong holders.

Apex Kong Totem Minting

3,000 Apex Kong’s will be available for minting after the sale of the Battle Kong’s. Apex Kong’s allow you to protect a plot of open land you’ve conquered. Apex Kong’s are only available to Battle Kong holders who hold 1 Battle Kong from each of the Kingdom’s 4 regions. The cost to mint will be 1/2 the price of a Battle Kong, plus gas.