Karma can be earned daily by participating in our Telegram group. All Ape Fun telegram members are given 40 votes a month and can use those votes to up or downvote any comment in the group.

Members that earn -10 Karma are muted automatically until an admin can step in. Users that earn over 500 Karma will be Verified here in the Kingdom.

To upvote a comment, reply to it with a /+ or to downvote, reply with a /- you can view your Karma in Telegram by dropping /mykarma into the group.


You’ll notice team members here in the Kingdom are all verified, they’re all important to the project. Apes who receive more than 500 karma from other apes in our telegram group are equally important. Having verified status tells other Apes that you’re not an ordinary Ape — but that you’re a central figure in the Kingdom.

It also comes with perks.

We have a private group here in the Kingdom just for verified members. It doesn’t show up anywhere on the site and you have to be invited to get access. 

This group is filled with core team members and the Apex Kongs the Kingdom.

Once you reach 500 Karma, you don’t have to do anything, we’ll come to you — keep an eye out for a message from one of our team members.