The Banana Kingdom is a lofty RPG game set to release in early 2023 where players own their weapons and gear, individual rank, team rank (tribal status) and the land as NFTs. Unlike traditional NFT games, all of our NFTs can be earned from the ground up in battle by challenging other players and tribes making it possible for any new player to become the ruler of the Banana Kingdom — through hardcore battle action and strategic tribe building.

This website is a prelude to that where early supporters and future players can prebuild a team (tribe), farm rewards, get familiar with other blockchain games, pre-buy their ranks, nab exclusive airdrops, and take part in the KongQuest, to win all of our tribal status NFTs.



Founder & juggernaut / BOSTON MA, USA

Tech Entrepreneur and Humanitarian – Caesar’s love for bringing new tech-based businesses and grassroots humanitarian projects to life is second only to his love for immersive games with deep storylines, battle movies and producing music. 

Caesar has sat on 3 NPO boards, launched viral (decentralized) grassroots humanitarian projects, scaled a company throughout NYC and worked with clients that ranged from A24 Films and WeWork to an MIT and former Uber Founders venture capital firms: The Engine and EXPA. 

Caesar’s ability to juggernaut into chaotic new spaces, create value, and onboard partners is key to Ape Funs long-term success as a project.

Fun Fact: The US Army once asked for Caesar’s help after a natural disaster.



Multidisciplinary Artist –  StevO’s lifetime as an artist and avid gamer has evolved to include an insatiable enthusiasm for NFTs and all things crypto. 

StevO brings 20 years experience in the animation and motion design industries to the table with a deep knowledge of the production pipeline. He’s been a designer for award winning television productions as well as producing ads for major national and global brands such as Spotify, Oreo, RBC, Ford, AGF, and many other industry leaders in a variety of sectors.

StevO’s ability to visualize and create rapidly, whether it be a 3D childrens animation or a warrior gorilla make him a crucial part of Ape Funs gaming ambitions.

Fun Fact: He’s not a doctor but he played one on TV once  (very, very briefly)



Problem Solver and Master of QC – KOBA’s an adrenaline junkie with a lifelong PC gaming addiction who loves being at the forefront of emerging tech.

His decade-long mission of developing and testing software for automotive giants like BMW, Jaguar-LandRover, Fiat-Chrysler has led him to a place where he manages a crew of 50 engineers internationally – who are at the forefront of electrifying the automotive sector.

His background in multiple coding languages and team management will help us to launch a suite of blockchain games over the next 36 months.  

Fun Fact: Saved a wounded Eagle 15 years ago, it now visits his house daily with it’s kids.